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Why do people go camping?
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  • 2020.10.28

Why do humans go camping?

I think that the reason why humans go camping is different for each person, but the underlying reason is that campers are going to regain the important feelings and emotions that human beings originally have. I'm sorry.

 Walking photo

For several years, I had a period of misanthropy that made me unsuccessful at work, lost connections with people, and thought that life was not fun. Meanwhile, the camp I started suddenly cleaned my mind.

Regain important feelings and emotions

You can eat rice by picking up firewood yourself, setting it on fire, and taking time to eat it. It takes time to set up a tent and I get tired. By repeating such troublesome work carefully, I could not understand why, but gradually I was able to regain the important feelings and feelings I originally had.

In the morning, I woke up with the song of a little bird, brewed coffee, and when it calmed down, I drank coffee in the mountains, and it was just a time to be dumbfounded without thinking.

 Brewing coffee

By repeating this time, my senses became more delicate and my emotions became more colored. Is it a feeling that the grayish life has become full of color?

Important time given by nature

The beautiful scenery, delicious rice, and connections with people that I didn't usually notice gave my life a color in the wilderness. ..


In a world where it seems convenient and everyone can be happy due to digitalization and technological progress, people who lose their connection with people and die by themselves, sad incidents born from lack of compassion, etc. , It seems to be poor in terms of mind.

As I have experienced, nature regains the important senses and emotions that human beings originally have. I think many people are unconsciously trying to get them back when they go camping.

It's a bit exaggerated, but the reason why I started making camping gear is that it's like a rainbow, taking people like me who had a rough heart into the wilderness. I wanted you to live a colorful life.

If you are really worried about your life and find it difficult to live, please contact us. Let's go camping together first.

 Shuji Adachi

Money and honor are human beings, so of course I want them. Life before I started camping and ZEN Camps might have fulfilled that desire.

But now that I have my favorite nature around me, I can live a colorful life, so I like myself better now.

I want more people to share the experiences and feelings I have gained through camping, so as many people as possible go camping with ZEN Camps gear in their hands. I want to try! I think we have to work together with all the staff to create camp gear that makes you think that way.

Please enjoy the camp life that you think is good, regardless of the shape!


  •  Adachi Shuji
  • Shuji Adachi (Shuji Adachi)
  • Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, working as a ZEN Camps designer. His hobbies are solo camping, coffee, muscle training and fishing.
  • Moved to Okinawa from 2020 and plans to start marine sports in earnest. On his day off, it's a blissful time to go to a nearby beach and brew coffee with his own camping equipment.
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