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Convenient single burner, but it is dangerous if you use it incorrectly.
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  • 2020.10.28

A convenient single burner, but it is dangerous if you use it incorrectly.

I think there are quite a lot of campers who have single burners such as Iwatani's junior compact burner, SOTO ST-310. The single burner is very convenient because it is compact and you can use a commercially available gas can.

However, care must be taken as a single burner can lead to a serious accident if misused.

First of all, it is recommended to purchase a single burner such as Iwatani or SOTO. It cannot be said that a burner made in China is bad, but since it handles fire, please choose one made by a reliable manufacturer. Another thing that is often overlooked is a gas explosion caused by excessive heating of a gas can.

This is really dangerous! There is news that gas cans explode when making pots on a gas stove, but this is the same phenomenon.

When do you need a heat shield?

The cause of heating the gas can is the radiant heat generated from the fire of the burner or the heated material such as the frying pan placed on the burner, but it is necessary to prevent this radiant heat from being transmitted to the gas can as much as possible.

If you only heat for a short time, there is no problem even if you do not have a heat shield, but when you cook with an iron plate or cook stewed food, be sure to use a heat shield. Please be sure to use.

The heat shield is installed between the heat source of the single burner and the gas cylinder (gas can), and plays the role of cutting (reducing) the radiant heat transmitted from the heat source to the gas cylinder. ..

Please see this illustration for an explanation of heat conduction due to radiant heat. * Heat conduction here does not mean that heat is transferred to an object by directly touching it, but that heat is transferred to an object, including radiant heat.

heat shield

What is the type of heat shield?

ZEN Camps makes Iwatani's junior compact burner (CB-JCB), which is famous for its single burner, and a heat shield for SOTO ST-310. If you have one and want to use it with ironware, please use it.

There are both a compact and easy-to-carry small heat shield and a table type, so please use them according to your needs!

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