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Let's use a bonfire sheet
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  • 2020.12.04

Let's use a bonfire sheet

Bonfire is the real thrill of camping, isn't it? Cooking, talking with friends, family, lovers around the fire, sometimes I think there are various ways to enjoy yourself, such as thinking while watching the swaying fire alone.

Titanium Wood

Nature-loving campers' knowledge

At ZEN Camps, we recommend using a bonfire sheet when you make a bonfire, rather than asking for it.

Usage example

There are two reasons.

① The jumping fire from the bonfire falls to the ground, and the plants and bacteria on the ground are killed by the heat. (2) The ground is heated by the heat from the bonfire, and plants and bacteria on the ground can also be killed by the heat. There is sex.


As campers who love nature will understand, we go camping and destroy nature and go home. That's NG, and it shouldn't be the ambition of camping people.

There is also a site where you can bonfire with an open flame, and if there is a bonfire spot made exclusively for bonfire in a very fixed place, it will be direct. I don't deny fire, but basically I don't really like burning the ground.

I think there are pros and cons, but I would appreciate it if you could take it as a personal opinion.

The bonfire sheet is made of soft fabric, so it won't be bulky if you fold it and carry it around, and it will be laid under the BBQ grill. It can be wrapped around the chimney of a wood stove, and it is convenient because it has a wide range of uses.

Bonfire sheet

Please add it to your camp's must-have items for nature maintenance.

Usage example


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