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  • 2020.10.26

Lightweight stove convenient for solo campers

Zen Camps introduces the fun and convenience of a titanium, lightweight and compact wood stove (bonfire) recommended for solo campers.


Anyway, I want to be light and enjoy my time alone

Many people who have just started camping will buy a large bonfire from a famous manufacturer, but that is the correct answer! When I'm just starting camp, camp is a bonfire! I bought a famous bonfire from a major manufacturer.

Since then, I have tried various bonfires, but recently I have used mesh bonfires and wood stoves. I came to use only two points. As camps become veterans, they want to skip in many ways (I call them Sabocan lol), so a light and compact bonfire is getting better.

Recently, I've been wanting time to be alone, so I often go to solo camps and solo day camps, but I just want to go lightly. Even if you go to a car, you can easily take it out and install it. If you go to a backpack with one, it must be lightweight and compact. I think there are many people who are intermediate or above in the camp who want lightness and compactness in their gear. This wood stove is the bonfire that I always bring with me when I go solo


It weighs just over 200g and is assembled in 1 minute.

It is made of titanium and is very light, weighs just over 200g, and if you get used to assembling it, you can do it in about 1 minute. When separated, the thickness is about the same as a smartphone. Since the luggage is not bulky, it is convenient because it can be easily carried.

Since it is a wood stove, instead of the large firewood sold at the campsite, the twigs that have fallen around are used as fuel. Since the stove has an excellent chimney effect, the combustion efficiency is not good, and the twigs that are thrown in are completely ashed, making it an eco-friendly bonfire.

I boiled water in Mestin yesterday, but it boiled in no time.

The real thrill of camp is that once you get used to the work of continuously throwing twigs, it will become more fun.


* Since the bottom of the stove becomes hot during use, it is recommended to lay a bonfire sheet, place a stainless steel tray or stone, and place a wood stove on it to protect the ground.

After enjoying the bonfire, you can use this stove as a windshield for an alcohol stove + a trivet to boil water or cook rice.

Also, you can actually make charcoal.

Depending on your ideas, you can use it in various ways, so please enjoy using it in various ways!

It can be used as a main bonfire for solo camps and touring, or as a sub bonfire for a large number of camps, so please give it a try!


  • 足立 修治
  • Shuji Adachi(Adachi Shuji)
  • Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he works as a ZEN Camps designer. My hobbies are solo camping, coffee, muscle training, and fishing.
  • He plans to move to Okinawa in 2020 and start full-scale marine sports. On holidays, it's a blissful time to go to the nearby beach and brew coffee with your own camping equipment.
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