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Heat shield and table for Iwatani Junior Compact Burner

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イワタニ ジュニアコンパクトバーナー用  遮熱板兼テーブル

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イワタニ ジュニアコンパクトバーナー用  遮熱板兼テーブル

イワタニ ジュニアコンパクトバーナー用  遮熱板兼テーブル

イワタニ ジュニアコンパクトバーナー用  遮熱板兼テーブル

イワタニ ジュニアコンパクトバーナー用  遮熱板兼テーブル

⛺️ This is a heat shield table exclusively for Iwatani's Junior Compact Burner (CB-JCB). When a frying pan, an iron plate, a cooker such as Mestin is placed on a single burner such as a junior compact burner, a large amount of radiant heat is generated from the burner itself or the heat source placed on the burner. This heat shield table prevents the radiant heat from being transferred to the gas cylinder and prevents the gas cylinder from exploding due to high temperature.

⛺️ It is an indispensable item when cooking for a long time with an iron plate such as Yokozawa Teppan or a frying pan.

⛺️ [Compact] This heat shield table is split and can be stored compactly. When split, it is as small as the size of a palm and comes with a storage bag. It is a size that does not burden you even if you put it in a backpack.

⛺️ [Ultralight] Aluminum material is used and the weight is about 367g, so it is a heat shield table for campers who want to make the luggage that can be taken out without stress at solo camps compact and lightweight.

⛺️ It is a type that attaches to the neck of the junior compact burner, and the table surface is wide and various things can be placed.

⛺️ Since it has legs on both sides and is self-supporting, it can also be used as a table such as a coffee table.

⛺️ A versatile table for cooking in the camp or brewing a little coffee in the park.

⛺️ Since it is anodized, it is resistant to scratches and can be easily removed.

⛺️ You can use it with confidence because the deburring is done carefully by the craftsmen.

⛺️ It's very easy to assemble. Search on Youtube for ZEN Camps heat shield table!

⛺️ [Size / Weight / Material] Size: Length 320mm x Width 165mm Weight: Approximately 367g Material: Aluminum (anodized)





長さ 320mm X 幅 165mm


367 g





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