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  • 2021.02.14

Safely bring back burnt residue

The temperature has gradually risen, and the camp season is approaching! Due to the influence of the Corona disaster this year, spending time outdoors, such as camping, will become even more popular.


Have you ever had a problem dealing with burnt residue of charcoal or firewood?

I think that the more you become a core camper, the more you go to a hideaway campsite with few people, but in such a campsite, there are many patterns where you have to take your garbage home with you.


Recently, it seems that bad manners such as burying used firewood or charcoal in the soil or leaving it as it is in the worst case are conspicuous.

Sprinkle water on charcoal and firewood that have not been completely digested, put them in a garbage bag and take them home. ?? Have you ever been curious?

Developed "Ash Carry", a convenient bag that was unlikely

Ash Carry was developed to eliminate such trouble and anxiety.


Ash carry has the following three features.

(1) Since it is made of heat-resistant glass material, it is possible to put charcoal and firewood burnt residue that has not been completely extinguished. The heat-resistant temperature of glass fiber is as high as 550 degrees, so the bag itself does not burn.


(2) Since the sewing is done so that the airtightness is high, oxygen deficiency can occur in the bag and the fire can be extinguished safely.

It's not perfect, but it's sewn so that it's fairly tight.

This creates an oxygen deficiency inside the bag and promotes complete fire extinguishing, so you can safely bring back charcoal and firewood.


③ Compact storage Made of flexible material and can be tied with a string, it can be folded compactly, so it is convenient for campers and BBQ who want to make luggage compact and lightweight. I think.


This time, we introduced Ash Carry, a bag that allows you to safely bring back used charcoal and firewood burnt residue.

It is for campers and BBQ enthusiasts who want to take home safely and cleanly while observing the manners of processing used charcoal and firewood, so please use it if you are interested!




  • 足立 修治
  • Shuji Adachi(Adachi Shuji)
  • Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he works as a designer for ZEN Camps. My hobbies are solo camping, coffee, muscle training, and fishing.
  • He plans to move to Okinawa in 2020 and start full-scale marine sports. On holidays, it's a blissful time to go to the nearby beach and brew coffee with your own camping equipment.


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