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  • 2020.10.26

Delicious air and coffee

Japan is a country where many people love coffee so much that it is said to be a coffee powerhouse, and I think that many campers also love coffee. I also have coffee junkie for breakfast, lunch and coffee at 15:00. When I'm at home, I drink my own roasted coffee.


The outdoors and coffee go very well together, and when you want to think a little, get upset, or spend some time relaxing, coffee really enriches your mind.

Crush fresh coffee beans with a grinding machine and pour hot water to release carbon dioxide from the beans and make them swell. At this time, it has an indescribably good scent, and you can enjoy not only the taste but also the scent.

If you go to a cafe, you can drink coffee quickly, but if you take the time to crush the roasted beans and take the time to extract them, you will lose your mind if you do this seemingly troublesome work carefully. It's calm, isn't it?

Isn't modern society all about being chased by time? The time to brew coffee carefully in such a life is the time to face myself, and for me it is an indispensable routine in my life.

Recently, I found my favorite coffee spot.

It's a campsite along the beach where you can do day cans. There are few people, and the sea and sky are really beautiful, and I am very happy to have coffee in that place.


If you have a little time, take a quick burner or alcohol stove and go for a coffee at your favorite place. If possible, I think it's better to have a quiet place with nobody. I think that you can make time to look back at yourself and enrich your life.



  • 足立 修治
  • Shuji Adachi(Adachi Shuji)
  • Born in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he works as a ZEN Camps designer. My hobbies are solo camping, coffee, muscle training, and fishing.
  • He plans to move to Okinawa in 2020 and start full-scale marine sports. On holidays, it's a blissful time to go to the nearby beach and brew coffee with your own camping equipment.