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ZEN Camps was born in Japan in 2020 as a camping gear brand for core campers by solo campers. All the staff are people who like camping more than three meals. However, he seems to like eating rice more at the camp lol 

I think that the reason why humans go to camp is different for each person, but at ZEN Camps, camps allow humans to reconsider their true self in the wilderness.I think it is a series of activities to organize the way of life and realize a more fulfilling life.

ZEN Camps is making things with the mission that campers can realize a better life through camp, but it will help them through gear production.

In addition, at ZEN Camps, we will support campers to publish their activities on blogs, SNS, etc. through affiliate programs. The proceeds from ZEN Camps will be actively invested in new gear development to realize our mission to make our campers happy.

Affiliates are easy! Your own website,blog,On SNSJust promoteis.freeAndRegistrationEasyRewardAcquiredI can do it.

Benefits of being an affiliate partner

  • If you purchase from an affiliate link, you will get 5-10% of the product price as a reward.
  • If the coupon code leads to a purchase, 5 to 10% of the product price will be earned as a reward.
  • Advance notice regarding the development and release of new products.
  • Acquired advance discount purchase rights for new products. 

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