Channel list

  • Place it under a bonfire to protect the ground from flying fire

    We finished it in the size that we think is the best in heat resistance and solo camp. It's light and foldable, so it's very easy to use.

  • Great success at campsites where you can't throw away charcoal and burnt residue!

    Introducing Ash Carry, a bag for burnt residue made of heat-resistant fabric to bring back used charcoal and firewood burnt residue.

  • Demanding compactness and light weight in gears

    Introducing a heat shield and table designed for the Iwatani Junior Compact Burner (CB-JCB).

  • To campers who want to lighten their luggage

    SOTO ST-310 Introducing a heat shield and table designed for single burners.

  • When do you need a heat shield?

    When you put an iron plate on it for cooking or stew it, we always recommend a heat shield.

  • Solo camper essentials

    A titanium wood stove for solo campers who want lightness and can be assembled in 1 minute with a weight of just over 200g.