Limited time gift plan


Present summary

  • Only for those who purchased ZEN Camps products for 5,000 yen
    A gas can cover that protects the gas can from radiant heat and is reborn into a stylish design will be presented!
  • Orders with a total payment amount of 5,000 yen or more after deducting points and discount amounts are eligible.
  • If you attach a cover to your gas can, the gas can will be reborn in style!
  • If a hole is made in the gas can due to stones, etc., there is a risk of accident .
    This cover, made of thick neoprene material, provides good protection for the gas can.
  • Uses neoprene material with excellent heat insulation to protect the gas can from radiant heat.
  • The gas can will condense in cold weather, but dew condensation can be prevented by attaching a cover.
  • PET bottles can also be put in, and excellent heat retention makes it ideal as a ped bottle cover.
  • Other camps, camps, camps, camps, and other camps.