After ordering

About changes

We do not accept changes after the order is confirmed.
If you want to changeBefore confirming your orderPlease contact customer service.

・ In case of product change Please specify "Order number / Name / Desired product (size / color, etc.)" when contacting us.
Product changes are limited to the size and color of the product, and only when it is in stock.
However, we cannot accept the addition of products, so please order separately.

・ When changing your address Please specify "Order number / Name / Address / Telephone number after change)" when contacting us.

About out of stock

At our shop, we share inventory with other online shopping systems and sell it.
Therefore, if there is a flood of orders for the same product, it may be out of stock even if it is displayed as in stock at the time of ordering.
If you are unable to prepare the ordered product, please contact us by e-mail and then contact us.
Please note that we will proceed with the cancellation procedure at our discretion.

Cancellation of long-term absence, etc.

The storage period at the sales office is 14 days from the first date the delivery company delivers it.
If the deadline has passed, your luggage will be returned to our shop.
When the product is returned, we will cancel the order.
Please note that the customer will be responsible for the round-trip shipping fee for long-term absence, unknown delivery address, and refusal of receipt, so we will charge the price after the item arrives.

About the cooling-off system

"Cooling-off" is a system applied to door-to-door sales.
Cooling-off is not required for mail-order sales.
This online shopping is a mail-order sale that customers access, so the cooling-off system does not apply. Please note.